We digitalize accounting and administrative processes
Lexigo will analyze your current setup and propose to implement efficient technologies (artificial intelligence, statistics, databases), systems (web and mobile phone apps) and procedural changes for your company's benefits.
- Cost savings
- Quicker, easier, more effective or more efficient business processes
- Stronger business information, improved analytics, and better process control
- Automated collection and payment processes through structured electronic document sharing
- Increased overall productivity and competitiveness 
How we can help you through the digitalization process
1. Identify opportunities for digitization
2. Design improved processes according to functions,  specifications and legal requirements
3. Create and install software 100% optimized according to your design
4. Prepare training
5. Update procedures and operating instructions
6. Monitor results after the go-live 
Dr. Jan Erik Meidell
+41 79 776 32 62

Lexigo Sàrl
Rue Simplon 37
1001 Lausanne - Switzerland